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Look up will allow employers to search for the right candidate. Request permission to view records & hire instantly after interview!


Evaluate your employee’s on a monthly, semi-annual, or annual basis. Our platform formulates a score based on these evaluations. Potential employers can use this score to determine worthiness & reliability prior to hire.


Resumes are a thing of the past. According to forbes.com more than 56% of resumes have misleading information. This causes employers to waste time and money. Our verification process produces objective information at its finest.

Employee score

You can feel confident that you are hiring the right candidate. We verify work history, education, certifications & skills. Giving employers the peace of mind they need, while saving them money & time on knowledge test & reference checks.

Increase productivity

Performance evaluations have been proven to influence turn over. Helping to develop an effective, efficient and productive team.

Customer services

Evaluation conducted with our platform produce a score called an “Employee Performance Score” or EPS. These evaluations can only be conducted by approved employers to maintain the integrity of these evaluations. The “EPS” can be used to determine worthiness and reliability.

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