About Us


Our vision is to be the fuel that drives employee and employer relationships. 

Our mission is to provide employees with the security they need to compete in today's workforce, while helping employers achieve a higher return on investment from one of their greatest assets.

My name is Sammuel Diaz and I founded this company with one goal in mind, which was to provide employees with a form of proof of experience that cannot be disproved. Why? During my first year out the military I learned something, something that would change my life forever. I learned that even though I spent years perfecting my craft as a leader in the military, it didn't matter. I still had to prove to an employer I had the experience. I didn't want a entry-level position, I wanted a leadership role. But how could I prove I was capable, so I thought maybe my senior leaders? But no they had all moved on. In the military life moves fast, so I was stuck. It was at this point that I knew something had to be done. I looked further into the issue and discovered more issues that impact acquisition and management. Eventually my research and studies led me to a solution, one that can provide a balance between two very opposite groups, employers and employees/candidates. This solution is EPR national, a system that employers and employees can both trust.

Hiring the right candidate doesn't have to be complicated

In today's world of data and algorithms it may seem like you are making the best choice, but these are just predictions. That’s why EPR National strives to provide our clients with objective information they can trust. At EPR National, we know that your employee's are your greatest asset that’s why we encourage our clients to evaluate their employees frequently. Our evaluation covers traits like Attendance, Stability, and Reliability and more, allowing employees to improve on their weaknesses and become the team players that stay.

Our concept is simple; we verify education, certifications, work history, and more. This ensures we start with objective records of our candidates. We encourage our clients to evaluate their employees on a regular basis; this helps the employees develop as professionals and also creates a track record that cannot be disproved. Future employers are able to determine worthiness and reliability prior to hire, and employees/candidates never have to worry about starting over again.